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Guwahati Art Club is a Guwahati-based study and career facility for art, where we conduct photography courses, photography workshops, and videography courses.

GAC falls under the ambit of the Shankardev Art Society, a registered trust.

We believe art cannot evolve without complete creative freedom. There are no shortcuts to learning art, and our mentors have developed the courses to convey as much knowledge as possible in the allotted period. Our classes are intended for beginners, hobbyists, and those interested in pursuing a profession in arts. Experts in their respective professions create each course.

GAC is a community that believes in building long-term relationships with its members and growing together in the field of art. By participating in-

any of our programmes, you become a permanent part of the GAC family. Guwahati Art Club is continuously on the lookout for methods to guide, assist, and support its extended family.

Our students and participants are our highest priority. We have discovered that by fostering an environment of creative freedom and support, our students enter the professional world confidently and with a desire to excel.

GAC chose Guwahati because it is well connected to other Northeastern cities. As a result, our knowledge may be disseminated throughout the Northeast, reducing the need for our youngsters to travel vast distances to acquire a decent education.

Our Courses

Our mentors, who have over 16 years of experience, have created the courses to be memorable, fascinating, and enjoyable to learn. Our workshops and courses are always up to date and in accordance with international standards because our mentors are working professionals.

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  • Photography
  • Videography
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  Basic Course in Photography

The basic photography course is for beginners during the weekends. Any one who wants to start photography can join this course. Weekend course helps you to pursue photography with your regular college/school classes or work. Any one from the age of 18 years and above can join.
Duration: 12 classes (2 hrs each class)
Days: Saturday and Sunday
₹ 10,500

Module 1

  • Introduction to photography
  • Camera work (aperture, viewfinder, focusing, shutter release)
  • Difference between analogue, digital, and mirror-less cameras
  • Aperture (F-stops)
  • Modes
  • Depth of field and its relation to aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO (sensitivity as the third and last parameter for controlling the exposure)
  • Exposure

Module 2

  • Exposure Meter Scale and Histogram
  • Exposure Compensation (overriding the camera's automation)
  • Benefits of mirror-less cameras for exposure preview
  • Focusing Modes (Area and Others)
  • Shooting in "Manual Mode" for complete control
  • Creative Composition
  • Color temperature and white balance
  • Fundamentals of lensing
  • Basics of post-production

  Foundation Course in Photography

The foundation photography course is for those who wants to take photography as a career or pursue it as a long term hobby. This course starts from scratch and take you to a professional level. Any one from the age of 18 years and above can join.
Duration: 2.5 months (2 hrs each class)
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
₹ 28,500

Module 1

  • Introduction to "Image Making"
  • Understanding digital photography
  • Camera work (aperture, shutter, viewfinder, focusing)
  • ISO (sensitivity as the third and last parameter for controlling the exposure)
  • Exposure
  • Different Modes
  • Depth of Field
  • Lighting techniques and white balance (natural and artificial)
  • Street Photography
  • Image file formats and their uses

Module 2

  • Composition techniques and their importance
  • The work of the masters and their relevance in the modern context
  • Introduction to Studio (Lights and Workflow)
  • Types of lighting
  • Lighting techniques for portraiture
  • Understanding 3-point light
  • Lighting for fashion
  • Establishing strong communication with the model
  • How to identify a good photograph and the selection of photos
  • Post-production and digital workflow
  • Review

  Introduction to Experimental Animation

The workshop is an introduction to hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation on paper and editing techniques. Designed for everyone, even people with no drawing skills or experience, this 8-day workshop will result in the participants creating three individual short animation films.
Duration: 8 classes (3 hours each class)
Days: Saturday and Sunday
₹ 11,500

Module 1

  • Introduction to abstract animation
  • Flip book exercises
  • One-minute abstract animation exercise
  • Screening of films

Module 2

  • Introduction to Experimental Animation
  • Frame by frame, hand-drawn animation on paper
  • Introduction to editing software
  • Creating a 1-2 minute short animation video
  • Film appreciation: study of two international animation filmmakers' work

Module 3

  • Conceptualization and visualisation of a short film
  • Storyboarding exercises
  • Drawing exercises
  • Creating a short 3-minute hand-drawn animation film

  Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking

This interactive documentary filmmaking course is designed for nonfiction storytellers and provides a step-by-step introduction to documentary films and filmmaking. With a focus on experimentation and new styles of narrative, the course will help create a new generation of storytellers. Each participant will create three projects during the course duration.
Duration: 3 months, 24 classes (3 hours each class)
Days: Saturday and Sunday
₹ 30,000

Module 1

  • Introduction to documentary films
  • Introduction to the filmmaking process
  • The importance of research
  • Introduction to shooting videos
  • Camera and sound basics
  • Shooting and location sound exercises
  • 3-shot exercise
  • Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro and editing basics
  • Film Appreciation (studying the work of one documentary filmmaker)

Module 2

  • Interview recording techniques
  • Filming actuality scenes
  • Planning and pitching ideas
  • Location shooting exercise
  • Producing a 5-minute film (location project)
  • Screening of films
  • Film Appreciation (studying the work of one documentary filmmaker)

Module 3

  • Character-based documentary films
  • Observational filmmaking process
  • Research and writing the final project
  • Working in a team
  • Filming and editing the final documentary project (10-minute film)
  • Feedback sessions and the final screening of films
  • Film Appreciation (studying the work of one documentary filmmaker)

  Capsule Workshop

5 days capsule photography workshop. Any one can join this workshop, who just want to know the basic fundamental of how camera works and its basic functions. This capsule workshop is to kick start you hobby in photography.
Duration: 5 Days (1.5 hrs each class)
Days: Saturday and Sunday
₹ 5,500

Module 1

  • Aperture, Shutter, ISO
  • Practical
  • Metering, Focal Length
  • Basic of Composition
  • Practical

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You need to call at +91 6901001033 or e-mail us at guwahatiartclub@gmail.com. We will send you the instructions accordingly. An online enrollment option is not available right now.

  • For the basic and foundation courses, you need to get a DSLR or a mirrorless camera (with features equivalent to a DSLR).

  • For the basic course, you have to pay the fees in full at the time of admission. For the foundation course, 50% of the fees need to be paid at the time of admission and 50% after a month.

  • For the basic course, the maximum batch size is 15 individuals, and for the foundation course, it is 12.

  • The theoretical component accounts for 40% of the course, while the practical component accounts for 60%.

  • Yes, after the completion of a course or workshop, certificates will be given only to those with at least 80% attendance.

  • Not everyone. However, anyone from the same family (excluding cousins) applying for the same course or workshop is entitled to a 20% discount. (ID card needed with parents names)

  • People from underprivileged families can receive a 100% course fee waiver by presenting relevant identification at the time of enrolment.

  • GAC provides photography courses, both short and long. And photography workshops for beginners. GAC also provides Videography workshops.

We are also involved in these Activities



The Guwahati Art Club workshops are designed keeping in mind the latest and most up-to-date content of art around the world.                     

Photo walks

Photo walks

Photowalks are organised by GAC in and around Guwahati, where like-minded people can gather at a place and take photos, followed by some snacks and discussion over them.



Art talks are where an expert will be invited, and our students, members, and invitees can join and discuss the respective art and their journey.

Photo trips

Photo trips

These are short outstation trips where participants travel, take photos, and stay together, and the day ends with a discussion about the day and some fun activities.

Open calls

Open calls

Open calls are for our competitions, exhibitions, and scholarship programmes. GAC will announce the details through GAC's different platforms.



An artist residency programme is where artists are invited to live and work together at a particular place other than their regular workspaces, with other like-minded people.

Our Collaborators

MAZE Collective Studio
MAZE Collective Studio

Maze collective studio is an artist-run studio space dedicated to the analogue and alternative processes of photography, located in Chhatarpur, Delhi.

Maze collective studio started its activity more than 4 years ago, conducting more than twenty workshops, mentoring artist's projects, and building collaboration with other disciplines in Art, Maze collective studio is run by two artist-photographer, Ashish Sahoo and Zahra Yazdani.

Our Hardworking Team

Nilayjyoti Talukdar

Head of Photography

Biswajit Das

Head of Videography

Rohit Nag

Social Media Manager

Kumarjit Debnath

IT Technical Support

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